Choose What’s Next: A Podcast by 20×20

A special podcast by 20×20. The final message in the 20×20 legacy looks to shape the future for women in sport and the choices we have in how we play it next.

Cliona O’Leary, Gavin Cummiskey, Mary O’Connor, Ryle Nugent and Elaine Buckley discuss how women’s sport fairs in Irish society and what is needed most to drive progress. By asking questions, of society and of ourselves we can provoke permanent change. Join the conversation and lend your support using #ThinkItAskIt

Sarah Colgan

Ryle Nugent

Elaine Buckley

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Mary O’Connor

Gavin Cummiskey

Cliona O’Leary

#ThinkItAskIt is a nationwide call to arms to help provoke permanent change for women in sport. 20x20 is urging the public and all stakeholders involved in sport to ask key questions, not only of themselves, but of society at large. We all have a choice in what happens next. Feel free to save or download a question that you feel strongly about and share on your social media – either chose from the list below or create your own. By encouraging everyone to ask questions we can change the future for women in sport in Ireland.

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