20×20 is asking everyone to #ShowYourStripes by pledging one action to support girls and women in sport in 2019.
By all doing something we can make a genuine shift across the country. We can give more sport to a nation of sport lovers, as well as the gift of sport to more girls.
To show your support post your action (big or small) online using #CantSeeCantBe and #20×20.

What Can I Do?

There are many ways to #ShowYourStripes. Below are some
  • If you’re female, age 1 to 100, you could pledge to find an activity that you love and keep it up – as a player, as a coach or as a supporter – from football to frisbee, cricket to canoeing, or tennis to triathlon.
  • If you’re a Sports Fan you could pledge to go to at least 3 women’s games or events this year.
  • If you’re a Player you could pledge to introduce one or more girls to your sport.
  • If you’re a Coach you could pledge to give some expertise to developing a female team or athlete.
  • If you’re a Teacher you could pledge to give more opportunities or support to girls when it comes to sport.
  • If you’re an Elite Athlete you could pledge to give a masterclass to girls who are aspiring to get there.
  • If you’re a Sports Club you could pledge to ensure parity with male and female athletes across the club.
  • If you’re a Journalist or Publisher you could pledge to give greater visibility to female athletes and teams.
  • And if you’re a Parent you could pledge to encourage your daughter to find or pursue a sport she loves or bring the whole family to see female athletes in action!
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