Sport in Ireland
The Federation of Irish Sport and the vast majority of its 107 sporting body members have pledged their active support of 20×20 by signing the 20×20 Charter.

20×20 Third Level Members
28 third level institutions on the island of Ireland have pledged to support their female student body and faculty members becoming more active and involved in sport by signing the 20×20 Third Level Charter.

20×20 Member Clubs
Over 600 clubs across 45 sports representing every county in Ireland (and nine other countries!) pledged to support women and girls in their communities to become more involved in sport by signing the 20×20 Clubs Charter. 

Irish Athletes
20×20 has consistently been blown away by the support of female athletes across all sports on the island of Ireland. At the midway point of the campaign, 20×20 gathered 20 accomplished, skilful and inspirational athletes which included the five 20×20 Ambassadors to Show Their Stripes.

National Governing Bodies

National Governing Bodies

National Governing Bodies




The Story So Far


Launch of 20×20

20×20 was born and became the first movement of its kind in Ireland championing women and girls in sport. 20×20 was about creating a cultural shift in Ireland so that girls and women in sport are seen as strong, valuable and worth celebrating.


Chapter 1: Cultural Perception of Women and Girls in Sport

The first step was addressing the lack of visibility which was affecting our cultural perception of women in sport.

So, 20×20 and Investec created the first ever monthly media award to recognise and reward excellence in Irish journalism focused on women in sport across all media platforms.

MARCH 2019

International Women’s Day 2019

On International Women’s Day 2019, 20×20 asked all sections of Irish society to #ShowYourStripes for 20×20…and you answered!

APRIL 2019

Chapter 2: The Importance of Role Models

We’re not seeing enough female sporting role models in Ireland, even though 63% of Irish people would like to see Ireland’s sportswomen become national heroes in the same way as our sportsmen.

So, 20×20 and Three partnered with Off the Ball to run the first ever Irish women in sport roadshow event. 17 female sports stars, past and present from sailing to soccer, and from All-Ireland Champions to Olympians, took to the stage.

A one of a kind competition gave girls the opportunity to play with their heroes Katie McCabe and Louise Quinn on the pitch in The Aviva Stadium.


Chapter 3: Skills Uncovered

Because women’s sport isn’t as visible as men’s sport, there was an assumption that it isn’t as skilful or exciting to watch. This just isn’t true.

To prove this, 20×20 and AIG launched the first ever monthly skill competition asking women and girls of all ages, levels and in all sports to Show Your Skill and making a flood of female sporting talent visible online.

MARCH 2020

International Women’s Day 2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, 20×20 got specific with three #ShowYourStripes pledge options.

JUNE 2020

Chapter 4: No proving. Just moving.

Exercise is for everyone. Finding something you love doing is giving yourself the gift of participation, whether that be a run, yoga, a walk, a sea swim, or dancing around the kitchen with your family.

So, 20×20 and Lidl created a new website with lots of free resources, activities and tools. ‘Lidl Moves for 20×20’ encouraged and motivated women of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to discover or rediscover exercise for themselves and form a new and lasting habit for the good of their physical and mental health.

See for yourself here: www.lidl.ie/20×20


Chapter 5: The Future for Women In Sport

Since 20×20 launched in 2018 records have been broken, hearts have been reached and action has been inspired.

Women’s and girls’ achievements have rightly attained a valued status within sport. This needs to be harnessed and developed, providing a blueprint for the next generation of Irish women in sport. 20×20 and KPMG held a virtual event inviting top minds in sport in Ireland and across the world to look at how we do this. Speakers included Martina Navratilova, Ada Hegerberg, Sonia O’Sullivan, Brian O’Driscoll and many more.

The Long Road, a 20×20 original documentary, celebrated where we’ve come from on the women in sport journey and leaves Irish society with the message that we can all play a role in what happens next.

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