The 20×20 Charter

Sport in Ireland
Both the Federation of Irish Sport and the vast majority of its 107 sporting body members have pledged their active support of 20×20 by signing the 20×20 Charter. If you are a sporting body who would like to become part of this national movement for women in sport, please contact the Federation of Irish Sport at [email protected]

20×20 Third Level Members
28 third level institutions on the island of Ireland have pledged to support their female student body and faculty members becoming more active and involved in sport by signing the 20×20 Charter.

20×20 Member Clubs
Almost 300 clubs across 23 sports representing every county in Ireland (and five other countries!) have pledged to support women and girls in their communities to become more involved in sport by signing the 20×20 Charter. More info here.

National Governing Bodies

National Governing Bodies




The Story So Far

20×20 has 5 Chapters.

1   Cultural Perception of Women and Girls in Sport

On International Women’s Day 2019, we asked all sections of Irish society to #ShowYourStripes for 20×20…and we were answered!

2   The Importance of Role Models

By being aware of the potential we each hold as a role model for a girl in sport, or giving greater visibility to existing female role models, we open the door a bit wider for the generation of female role models to come.
We asked everyone to #HeroYourHero in this Chapter by giving a public shout out to the role models who inspired you to get into sport, whether that be athletes, parents, teachers, friends, neighbours.

3   The Skill Isn’t Missing

“Women’s sports aren’t as exciting to watch as men’s” – is just not trueWe launched the first ever #ShowYourSkill competition for women and girls in sport to show everyone that women aren’t missing the skill…we are.

We weren’t finished. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, we again asked everyone in Ireland to #ShowYourStripes and we saw stripes on some of the most famous sporting faces in Ireland.

4   How Participation Makes Us Feel

We’ve seen a lot of jaw-dropping skills. But sport isn’t just for elite athletes and being physically active isn’t just about sport. Finding something you love doing is giving yourself the gift of participation, whether that be a run, yoga, a walk, a sea swim, dancing around the kitchen with your family.

5   The Future of Women In Sport

Watch this space…


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